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AHS College Curriculum & College Advising Documents

AHS School Profile 2013- 2014

AHS College Curriculum  Grades 9th- 12th

Download a copy of the AHS College Curriculum here. 

AHS College Advising Documents

Senior College Questionnaire

To download the Senior College Questionnaire please click here

College Letters of Recommendation

Steps for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation:

1. Decide whom you will be asking for letters of recommendation. Most colleges require two academic teachers and one administrator, advisor or counselor letter.

2. Plan ahead! Allow at least three weeks for the letter to be completed.

3. Fill out this form completely for each individual who has agreed to write a letter. Personalize your answers according to the writer.

4. Attach your resume. You can note on this form to “refer to resume” on applicable questions.

5. Bring this completed form and resume to each person. Explain that it contains information about you in order to help write the letter.

6. Tell your teacher that you will email them specific instructions for uploading their letter of recommendation.

7. Write a thank you note to the person(s) who provided you a letter of recommendation.

Download Student Profile 

Download Parent Brag Sheet