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Junior Seminar: Into the Wild

Junior Seminar: Into the Wild
All students in the 11th grade will enroll in a class called Junior Seminar: Into the Wild for two quarters, one in the fall semester and the other in the spring semester.  The class meets Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during the SIG and X-Block periods, from 2:15 to 3:15.  The course is team-taught by Libby Cowles (LINK); Rachael Sands and Elaine Ehlers (college counseling); and Jennifer Snead and Matt Dooley (assessment).

Junior Seminar: Into the Wild will provide 11th graders with the tools they need to successfully navigate:

  • preparation for LINK internships
  • college counseling
  • SAT and ACT preparation

Junior Seminar Syllabus

Semester I: To download the syllabus, please click here

Semester II: To download the syllabus, please click here.

Class Updates

Semester I Class 1

  • Junior Seminar Overview
  • Syllabus Review
  • Icebreaker: What did you want to be when you were 5 years old?
  • Watch John Legend’s commencement address “Finding Your Truth: Living a Soulful Life” as a way to dive into essential questions of the course at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSIQszUAvow
  • Complete Video Discussion Guide 

Semester I Class 2
  • Review AHS Junior College Advising Curriculum and webpage
  • ICAP creation. 
  • Download directions for creating a College in Colorado account here.  

Semester I Class 3
  • Continue work on ICAP. To download the lesson plan, click here

Semester I Class 4

Semester I Class 5
  • Transcript Review
  • AHS Graduation Requirements
  • College Academic Requirements
  • ICAP work
  • Concluding Discussion: Next Steps
  • To download the lesson, please click here

Semester II Class I
  • What is a best fit college?
  • Lecture on criteria to consider during the college search.

Semester II Class 2
  • Determining priorities survey
  • First college search on College Board's Big Future

Semester II Class 3
  • Mock Admissions Committee

Semester II Class 4

  • College Research on Naviance

Semester II Class 5

Semester II Class 6

  • Senior panel on the college admissions process
  • Crafting the college resume

Creating the College Resume Resources

Sample Resumes & Templates

Semester II Class 7